Importance of social media marketing in 2020

social media marketing

In the 20th century, marketing emerged as a substantial tool for communicating business ideas with the potential audience. Before that, firms were fanatics of selling and production concepts. It is not just about boosting sales, but customers’ preferences and opinions matter. Although the era is all about customers and marketing, interacting with customers has been complicated lately. Every business is seeking new and innovative ideas to attract potential customers, and retaining customers is another complicated matter that demands supreme attention.

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us the importance of digital marketing and its effectiveness in every industry. Digital marketing is the latest marketing tool, and it has brought social media platforms into action. The failure of traditional marketing tools during lockdowns across the globe has clarified social media’s importance for marketing purposes. You must be fond of brands reaching out to customers through social media. However, 2020 has more trends, and its significance has increased in the market. 

Are you wondering about finding better ways to communicate with the customers? Social media marketing has been around the corner, and you can significantly benefit from it. Keep reading to find out the latest trends and their importance in today’s highly competitive market. 


Search engine optimization (SEO) has been ruling for a long time. It only demands top-notch and relevant content for a website to reach the top of a search engine results page. Nowadays, the trend of social media marketing is rising, and how social media can help in link building is among the top searches. It has no direct impact on the SERP ranking, yet it helps in effective link building. Building links through social media can assist you in:

  • Promoting content
  • Effective content creation or content ideation
  • Delivering critical messages to the audiences 
  • Finding new pages to link with yours

People visualize marketing as one of the most expensive departments of a business. Marketers fear of investing too much in a campaign and getting nothing in return. Fortunately, social media marketing does not demand high investments, yet the return on investment is exceptional. First, relevant content on social media platforms is essential. Then, small investments for promoting the posts or ads can attract more potential audiences too. 


Brand positioning refers to the idea of creating an image of your business or offering in the consumers’ minds. Through traditional marketing, it got complex to position the product or service. Nevertheless, social media marketing is there to help all marketers. According to surveys, approximately 50 percent of the world’s population is using social media. The number will increase as 2020 ends; therefore, marketers have the opportunity to position their offering among half of the world population. 


The competition is increasing with every passing day, and for marketers, it is getting tougher each day to retain and attract consumers. In such high competition, it is complicated to gain customer loyalty. Nonetheless, social media can help you in getting a competitive edge and achieving commitment. Create ads that are customer-centered, and everyday posts should be persuasive as well. User-generated content (UGC) is not an unfamiliar or new concept, but analysts predict it to grow exceptionally. Hence, you can benefit from it and gain loyal customers. 


As mentioned earlier, the competition has increased rapidly over time. Globalization has made it harder for businesses to grow and expand. Not just globalization but 2020 has been tough on organizations. Under these circumstances, it is challenging to achieve the lifetime value of customers. Despite the conditions, everyone is active on social media, and frequent interaction through these platforms can save you from losing any customers. Customer lifetime value should not be the biggest problem when social media marketing is there to save you.  


Lately, the customer service department has been actively considering the total quality management approach. Everything is now customer-centered, and advanced customer-brand interaction is vital for growth. Messenger applications like WhatsApp and Facebook have been fantastic for the customer service department, and your customer engagement is not a problem thanks to social media. 


According to reports from Instagram, 80 percent of the Instagram users are following at least one business. It means you have a remarkable opportunity to increase conversion rates. That one business of the Instagram users can be your business. Conversion is neither a complex theory to understand nor has high demands. All it takes is relevant, precise, and high-quality content for a company to convert potential audiences. 


Unsurprisingly, boosting sales is the motive and priority objective of every marketing campaign. When it comes to an exponential rise in sales, the method of marketing does not matter. Amidst all other drives, your social media marketing campaign will undoubtedly boost sales in no time. Regions are not specific for the content, but you reach out to numerous people globally. An increase in sales is guaranteed when you do it right. 


Are you searching for the latest digital marketing trends for this year? Here are a few to assist you. 


The majority of people spend time using tablets and smartphones. Laptops are in the business but not in competition with the use of mobiles. During website design and development, make sure your website is gadget-friendly, not laptop-friendly. Do some tests and design websites that can fit any screen, anywhere, and anytime. 


You must be aware of the video marketing trend, and the good news is, 2020 is embracing it more than ever. For any social media platform you choose, do not forget to create a video for the offering. The video should ideally be as long as 120 seconds and do not compromise on the quality. Satisfy all parameters of video marketing, and you are good to go this year. 


Consumers have lost faith in many influencers, mainly due to the false reviews that took over the internet last year. Ideally, you should bring the small influencers in the business. They are not a financial burden on the company. Moreover, the communities and small societies blindly trust them. Hence, influencer marketing or micro-influencers will rise in 2020. 


It is not just about the millennial anymore because Gen Z is the audience for the majority of market offerings. Gen Z is trending this year and will be over the internet for a long time now. Therefore, all your marketing campaigns, mainly social media marketing campaigns, must primarily focus on Gen Z. 


Although it is not new, it has not been popular in the field. Analysts say that marketers should focus on niche marketing this year. According to Peg Fitzpatrick, a famous social media speaker, and author, marketers should focus on the right audience instead of reaching everyone and everywhere. 


Digital marketing has beaten traditional marketing techniques. There is a vast majority of consumers who spend time on social media and still turn to Google and other search engines for information. Although traditional marketing techniques like billboard advertising has not faded away completely, social media marketing must be every marketer’s priority. Following the trends mentioned above will be in your business’s favor. If you have not paid attention to social media marketing, it is now time to be more involved. From research and surveys, it is evident that there is a significant rise in sales, and the brand image gets better with social media marketing. 

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