Exclusive Tips to create Brand Guidelines – 2020


There are several things to consider while creating brand guidelines. Our branding company in Bangalore helps you in creating perfect brand guidelines by keeping all the below-mentioned factors in mind. Our branding agency in Bangalore works with dedication and strives to attain excellence in every work we perform. However, have a look at some of the tips provided by the experts of our agency for creating perfect brand guidelines. 


Include Do’s and Don’ts



All the best brand guidelines not only inform you about the things that you should do but also the things that you should not do. However, it makes it easy for you to understand everything in one go. Some of the brand guidelines include things like the creation of a perfect logo.

For instance, our branding company in Bangalore instructs the customers to never place their logos in high-contrast backgrounds that are very much similar to the logo colors. The guidelines would also make it clear that your brand will be judged harshly if you tilt the logo or add any kind of embellishments like gradients or shadows.


Don’t Be Afraid to Get Specific

The more details you provide, the better it becomes. However, it is better if you create a brand guideline by explaining all the specific details along with the scenarios and uses of different fonts, imagery, and colors for your brand.

Set a particular font for different sections of your brand. This will create a sense of consistency for your brand. For instance, you can use a particular font style for headlines as well as other portions. Consistency will help your brand’s growth.


Brand your Guidelines

The main aim of brand guidelines is to convey your brand in the same way you want it to get conveyed. The documentation is never an exception when you present all the brand guidelines. It is another type of marketing material that is used to showcase your brand in front of the customers.

You can create better brand guidelines by adding several small touches while explaining everything. For instance, instead of writing page numbers in black color, you can use your logo icon with its own color accent to make it something of your own brand. There are several other ways to implement such things in your brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines are very important for every product and our branding agency in Bangalore will help you in creating them in a better way by considering all the tips mentioned above.


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