How does color psychology work?


Color is present everywhere and whether you notice or not, but every color gives you an emotional experience. For instance, green and blue colors resemble calmness. Designers need to understand the psychology of colors when choosing the brand logo. However, our branding agency in Bangalore will help you in choosing the right colors so that the audience can instantly discover who you are.


What color works best for your brand?


If we compare your brand with colors, you will discover that every brand has its own personality, and a particular color suits it the best. However, every customer would go for products based on their own personalities. It is essential to define the right target audience for your products.

However, our branding company in Bangalore helps the customers in selecting the right product and purchasing products for themselves. Our agency will ask the below-mentioned questions about your brand to define the color.


  • Time – Is the brand classic or modern?
  • Energy – Is the brand subdued or loud?
  • Age – Is the brand mature or for youths?
  • Tone – Is the brand serious or playful?
  • Gender – Is the brand for men or women?
  • Value – Is the brand affordable or luxurious?

However, our branding company in Bangalore will ask all these questions so that you end up choosing the right color for your brand.


Stay Trendy – color psychology



There are new colors coming up in the market and you must be aware of them. The trends change every year when it comes to designing. However, it is not possible to update your brand color every time a new color pops in the market. Our branding agency in Bangalore stays updated with the latest trends of color psychology to offer the best services.


Go with the Industry



Another important factor to consider is the industry you are working in. For instance, tech companies prefer blue color while retail companies prefer red for their logo. The color of your logo should resemble the industry to which your business belongs.

Our branding company in Bangalore keeps in mind about your business and designs the logo after considering all the factors mentioned above to provide the best services and a perfect logo for your brand.


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